I am an artist based in the Scottish Borders. I have a BA degree in Painting and also in Fashion Design, both these disciplines are important in my practice. My work includes drawing, painting, textiles, and collage. I am inspired by the history of portraiture, decorative symbolism, and the depiction of textiles in fine art. Recently this has developed into creating my own subjects, inspired by historical costume, to give me more input into the creative process in terms of creating the shapes, colours, and scale that I want to work with and the valuable opportunity to work from life. In 2021 I was awarded a Creative Scotland VACMA to make three life size historical garments based on patterns produced by the V&A of costumes in their collection. Creating these garments meant I could work from life which has already moved my practice on significantly both in concepts and skills. I have started to make multiple versions of these costumes but on a much smaller scale, combining them with an interest in museum costume displays to make my own displays/still lives.