• Thank you so much for the drawings and the painting of Marley .They are fabulous . I have given one of the drawings to my daughter Tara who lives in London and she is delighted with it. Not only are they a true likeness you have captured his personality as well ! I will be in touch shortly to get another couple of gift vouchers from you to give to friends at Christmas.


  • Grace did the most beautiful painting of our German Shorthaired Pointer Sophie. I got it done as a birthday present for my husband and he was absolutely delighted with it. Grace got the facial expression and coat markings perfectly. Thoroughly recommend.

Percy the Pug

  • Just a brief message to you to say thankyou for your professionalism and for sharing your natural talent with my wife and I recently, your portrait of Percy the Pug is hung proudly in our living room on show to all, and will be for many years to come. Well done, you captured him absolutely perfectly, his eyes and forehead furrows in particular leave no doubt as to who it is. It couldn’t have made for a better wedding present, truly.


Rosie and Eve


  • I am absolutely thrilled with the paintings and drawings Grace has produced for me. Words cannot express just how perfect they are. So much so, that photos of my dogs no longer seem adequate now! The painting of Eve and Rosie is so lifelike that I can imagine my dogs leaping from the canvas and it captures them in their prime. The drawing collage of Rye was a Christmas present which literally brought tears to the eyes. Grace has the knack of not only producing a photo-like, artistic representation of each dog, she also captures each dog’s character on canvas as well. In the painting of Jules and Rye, Grace succeeded in tackling the impossible working from a grainy photograph in which both my dog’s eyes were caught by the flash, so using similar individual photos of both dogs she produced another masterly composition which is a perfect tribute to two much-missed dogs. The drawing of Reilly and his sad little eyes are spot on and the drawing forever captures those early puppy days! Grace’s drawings are just like paintings. The intricate detail in the drawing collage of Lindy is exquisite and is just beautiful, you can see the dedication Grace puts into every commission. Indeed she takes time to listen to stories about the subjects of her commission. Grace’s work is just outstanding and I count myself very privileged to own all these paintings and drawings. The latest commission, I’m sure won’t be my last! I would highly recommend Grace to anyone thinking of getting their animal’s portrait done, she truly has a wonderful gift!



  • Once again Grace didn’t disappoint, her drawing of Meg was a birthday present for my mum and she was absolutely delighted, the likeness to Meg was just uncanny and again the drawing was every bit as detailed as one of Grace’s paintings, working from a grainy old Polaroid picture and Grace has produced a drawing that is simply stunning!
  • Grace is an amazing and talented young lady. Her first work for me was a portrait of Ghost the husky and Quine the Jack Sausage. She came to the flat, spent ages and patiently got to know them. She has a real affinity with animals and they clearly love her. The result was amazing and far exceeded any expectations. She captured them perfectly, not just their appearance but their personalities. Ghost sits there serenely and majestically while Quine is an explosive ball of energy. There’s such a vitality in the picture which is all the more noticeable because of her clever decision to leave the background very neutral.
    Grace came up trumps when I asked her to do the near-impossible and create a portrait of a family pet who died some years ago. All I could provide her with was a single photograph of Joe whose unknown and mixed parentage was always such a mystery we couldn’t be sure what all breeds he encompassed. Once again she did a magnificent job against the odds. There’s a real sense of peace and tranquility about Joe’s picture as he noses gently out of the painting. It’s hard to believe she never met Joe and managed all this from just one photo.
    Grace has a very strong, distinctive style which I really like.
    She is very easy to work with and seems instinctively to know what is required without it having to be spelled out. I can’t recommend her highly enough for sheer professionalism and talent.


  • We were all so thrilled with the three beautiful drawings that Grace did of our beloved cat Gilbert who died a year ago. She did them as Christmas presents for my three daughters, and they were over the moon by the likeness Grace had managed to capture from a photograph. Gilbert’s character shone through the portraits, and Grace had captured his thick rough fur, and the little nick in his ear from an earlier battle! They were so lifelike that my daughter told me that her own little cat couldn’t stop staring at the portrait! Grace managed to execute the drawings very speedily with a Christmas deadline looming. Grace was lovely to deal with, and very sympathetic to what I wanted for my daughters. Other people who saw the portraits were extremely impressed, and keen to get a portrait of their own pet. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Grace again for a drawing or painting and can’t recommend her highly enough.
  • Grace’s wonderful portrait of my gorgeous staffy George is the 3rd portrait she’s done of my dogs and the 4th that I’ve commissioned. George’s portrait is by far the most realistic. Such is the realism that George’s Portrait almost looks like a picture, but the portrait also shows my wonderful boy’s proud and distinguished character. George looks stunning and the portrait shows that perfectly. It’s a pure joy to admire. Seeing Grace’s 3 portraits of my dogs on my wall is such a pleasure and everyone who has seen them have been awed by them. There is something I should add. George is a particularly difficult dog to photograph. He will not pose and believes that anyone who looks at him just wants attention. Grace met me to photograph George and was incredibly patient in her attempts to photograph George. The results were stunning as can be seen in George’s portrait.
  • Thank you Grace, the four individual drawings of the cat’s “Help” “Frisky” “BoBo” and “Sophie” are wonderful, you have managed to capture their individual personalities from the photograph’s you took. You are a very talented artist, meticulous, approachable, with an eye for detail, I have already recommended you to friends. Thank you once again for the beautiful drawings.


  • Massive thanks to Grace Maran for the beautiful drawing she did of my Goldie George. She really has captured his personality and smile. I have since ordered two drawings for my friends and they were simply amazing. If your looking for a special gift for a dog lover I would highly recommend Grace. Simply awesome at what she does.


  • I wanted to give two of my doggy loving friends a unique and special gift for Christmas and we couldn’t have asked for better than Grace’s wonderful sketches. Such an accurate likeness of both dogs and both girls were thrilled! Fantastic communication from Grace throughout the process and worth every penny. (Gemma from Just Dogs Shop, Edinburgh)


  • Grace painted 2 beautiful picture of our dog Candy. The paintings are much admired and everyone is amazed at how well the paintings capture the true character of Candy. It feels as if she is looking out at us.
  • Every year my husband beats me on presents and gets me something way better than anything I got for him, so I was pretty pleased that this year I managed to get him something he liked so much and was just as good as what he got me. He was super happy to get the drawing of the Mollys and it was by far his favorite present (although technically it was a present from the dogs rather than from me). You captured them perfectly and we’re both chuffed to bits with the drawing. Thanks very much.
  • I love Grace’s work, she is so talented and really captures the expression on the animals face. She has done a few drawings for me of my own dog and of my families dogs too and they’re all amazing. I really like the style of her drawings and so impressed with how she portrays the dogs character so well.
  • Delighted, very pleased with it. Put it straight up on the (vet) surgery wall and busy giving your card out.
  • I can’t put into words how delighted I am with the two portraits of my beagles. Grace is second to none with her amazing talent. I have been looking for some one to capture my dogs in a portrait for a while and I am so happy that I found Grace!


  • I saw Oscar’s picture for the first time tonight and was so touched by the
    accuracy. I have shared a photo of it on my Facebook account and my family think it is gorgeous.
  • You did such an amazing job, you really capture Vera’s personality in the painting. You are very talented.
  • I would just like to say a big thankyou for the picture you painted of Alfie and vader. I am absolutely delighted with the way you have captured the boys. It is perfect! Thankyou! 🙂 xx
  • Grace’s paintings are absolutely beautiful, she’s captured my two to a T!!
  • What can I say ! Rosco has been and still is a huge part of my life, when my partner walked in with your painting of him and I saw it , I could not believe how real his expression was, I can only say you managed to capture his soul and now he will always be with us. Thank you so much for bringing a lasting memory of something very very special in our lives.
  • I’m the proud owner of 2 large portraits by Grace Maran. TT my beautiful Utonagan is the most elegant dog I’ve ever seen. Grace’s portrait is stunning. The ethereal style of the portrait captures TT’s elegance beautifully. She looks as if she’s moving with her natural elegance. I’m proud to own the painting. My beloved Saul passed away while Grace was painting his portrait. Grace has captured so much of my boy in his wonderful portrait. The look on his face and his stunning eyes are Saul perfectly. It’s like looking at Saul again. The most important thing is that it feels like Saul. I’m not ashamed to admit it but it brought tears to my eyes when I first saw it and has done so since.
  • Grace painted my Weimaraner, Honey, for me last year and I absolutely adore the painting, which is also this pages profile pic (delighted!) Grace painted using colours that totally compliment the interior of my flat and framed the painting perfectly. She completely captured Honey’s look to a T and I am currently awaiting painting’s of my 2 cats!! Thank you so much Grace, I will cherish the painting forever.
  • I was looking for something special for my partners birthday when I saw some of Graces work. After chatting about what I wanted specifically,  all I had to do was text a few photos to her. The painting was ready in plenty of time for his birthday. It was a brilliant likeness of our cat and done in a really cool way using light and shade. He loved it.
Thanks Grace.
  • Hi Grace, Just wanted to thank you for the painting of our family cat Marley. The resemblance is remarkable you captured her unusual expression so well! As you know the painting was given to my brother who has a very special bond with Marley. My only regret is I didn’t photograph his face when he saw the painting for the first time, sheer amazement! I can’t recommend your work enough these days and I’m looking forward to my painting of Vegas. A treasure forever.
  • We love Grace Maran’s canvas painting of Pierre the ragdoll kitten, it makes me smile every day when I see his face and especially his eyes captured so brilliantly! Can thoroughly recommend Grace and her work to anyone looking for a quality painting of their pet!