Grace is an amazing and talented young lady. Her first work for me was a portrait of Ghost the husky and Quine the Jack Sausage. She came to the flat, spent ages and patiently got to know them. She has a real affinity with animals and they clearly love her. The result was amazing and far exceeded any expectations. She captured them perfectly, not just their appearance but their personalities. Ghost sits there serenely and majestically while Quine is an explosive ball of energy. There’s such a vitality in the picture which is all the more noticeable because of her clever decision to leave the background very neutral.
Grace came up trumps when I asked her to do the near-impossible and create a portrait of a family pet who died some years ago. All I could provide her with was a single photograph of Joe whose unknown and mixed parentage was always such a mystery we couldn’t be sure what all breeds he encompassed. Once again she did a magnificent job against the odds. There’s a real sense of peace and tranquility about Joe’s picture as he noses gently out of the painting. It’s hard to believe she never met Joe and managed all this from just one photo.
Grace has a very strong, distinctive style which I really like.
She is very easy to work with and seems instinctively to know what is required without it having to be spelled out. I can’t recommend her highly enough for sheer professionalism and talent.