I am absolutely thrilled with the paintings and drawings Grace has produced for me. Words cannot express just how perfect they are. So much so, that photos of my dogs no longer seem adequate now! The painting of Eve and Rosie is so lifelike that I can imagine my dogs leaping from the canvas and it captures them in their prime. The drawing collage of Rye was a Christmas present which literally brought tears to the eyes. Grace has the knack of not only producing a photo-like, artistic representation of each dog, she also captures each dog’s character on canvas as well. In the painting of Jules and Rye, Grace succeeded in tackling the impossible working from a grainy photograph in which both my dog’s eyes were caught by the flash, so using similar individual photos of both dogs she produced another masterly composition which is a perfect tribute to two much-missed dogs. The drawing of Reilly and his sad little eyes are spot on and the drawing forever captures those early puppy days! Grace’s drawings are just like paintings. The intricate detail in the drawing collage of Lindy is exquisite and is just beautiful, you can see the dedication Grace puts into every commission. With her drawing of Meg, once again Grace didn’t disappoint. It was a birthday present for my mum and she was absolutely delighted, the likeness to Meg was just uncanny and again the drawing was every bit as detailed as one of Grace’s paintings, working from a grainy old Polaroid picture and Grace has produced a drawing that is simply stunning!

Indeed she takes time to listen to stories about the subjects of her commission. Grace’s work is just outstanding and I count myself very privileged to own all these paintings and drawings. The latest commission, I’m sure won’t be my last! I would highly recommend Grace to anyone thinking of getting their animal’s portrait done, she truly has a wonderful gift!



Eve and Rosie