Photography Guide

The better the source photo, the better the resulting portrait

A clear and detailed source photo is very important in achieving the best possible drawing or painting, therefore giving the best value for money. I may have to ask you to find a more detailed photo or to perhaps take a new photo especially for the portrait. Its understandable that this is not always possible but please feel free to send me as many photos that you like and I can advise you further.

Advice for choosing and/or taking a new photo

  • natural light, no flash
  • a photo taken at eye level
  • take the photo as close up as possible…the best option is that the whole head and ears fit into the camera/phone screen. The less that I need to crop the original photo the better.
  • as clear and detailed a photo as possible, where the image still retains detail when zoomed in on a couple of times.
  • no hands or pet coats/toys/accessories obscuring the face, ears or chest
  • screenshots tend to be of low quality so if you can email the original photo instead.
  • please let me know if you would like the collar to be included or not