Every pet owner needs this.

Lovely blog about my animal portraits by Ellie at OurLifeOutLoud.com, Thank you! x

Ellie Out Loud

The internet is a beautiful random world connecting billions of people from every continent. Yesterday while searching other bloggers blogs, I found Grace.(https://gracemaran.com/) All I saw was a pencil drawn picture of a  puppy, A click later I was taken away by the talent she has. Not only drawings but detailed paintings!

Browsing through her pages you’ll see the dogs, cats, a horse and even a bull. It’s funny how in the mind we place a value on things instantly. For example, when you are in a store you grab a shirt, you like it, at that very moment you have already decided how much your willing to spend, (in your mind you say $14.99) turn tag over, 12.99 you buy it, 16.99 you debate in your mind if it is cute enough to pay the extra $2 but if it had said 18.99 most people wont go more than…

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