New Painting: Talla

Painting a young puppy presents its own challenges. Youth is very hard to capture in a painting! The proportions are top heavy on the paws and ears and its difficult to keep it all correct! The basket was an important part of the commission as this particular puppy used to always curl up inside it with her toys (I think she is too big now!) I painted the basket quite loosely with quick brush strokes to represent the wicker reads threading through each other. The outline of the basket and handle is emphasized to  create an illusion of depth. Depicting the ‘hariness’ of Talla was also a challenge as her puppy hair is light but dense in areas such as the top of her head and paws, but getting the balance between describing her coat by painting individual hairs and by painterly brush strokes was challenging but I’m pleased with the result. Talla centers the painting with her detailed depiction and as the painting moves out to the edges there is less detail, as in the basket and finally the flat background. The colour story is one of tones and contrast. Talla is work of tonal browns, yellow ocher, blondes, white with touches of blues and greys, the basket is a flat brown/orange and everything is brought to life with the blue background.


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