New Work: Pugs, Vadar and Alfie

Vadar and Alfie, two beautiful pugs! Both of these lovely pugs took a lot of work to get the correct tones and lines to describe the faces as flat but also as detailed though the folds and shapes. Painting an all black dog is challenging but I enjoy working tonally and to work with the subtle changes of colour to describe the features. I love painting pug noses they are very decorative with a lovely curve of the nostrils.  I felt a warm grey background complimented the colours of the pugs and kept it quite flat and minimal as again that balanced well with the decorative nature of the painting. The flat background looks very modern and stylised yet it pays homage to very traditional animal paintings, specifically Whistlejacket by Stubbs 1762, which even though is 18th century has a very modern look to the flat one tone background.

I have also included an image of a painting by WIlliam Hogarth from the 18th century as its very interesting to see how much Pugs have changed as a breed since then.


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