Scottish Deerhound puppy: Maud

We went to collect our beautiful new puppy from the breeder near Perth. Maud is the great niece of our beloved Pilgrim who passed away last year. On arrival at a gate with a large sign saying BEWARE OF HOUNDS! we pushed open the gate and looked up a long straight drive, in the distance we could see a couple of hounds bounding down the drive to meet us! Maud’s dad and a sweet blonde deerhound ran alongside the car as we slowly drove up the drive, another deerhound joined them (see the video!) At the top even more deerhounds were running out from their bed in the barn still covered in straw! They suddenly were about 7 deerhounds all greeting us with friendly faces! More appeared including Maud’s granddad Doug and Maud’s mum. Her Dad is very short haired and black for a deerhound and her mum is very hairy, so we wait to see how Maud will turn out! At the moment she is lean, very dark, with giant paws and the size of most adult dogs! I’m really looking forward to painting a portrait of her, I might use the image of Maud on the patterned carpet, as I am interested in including textiles/prints into my paintings.



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